Private Equity Raising

Silver Portal understands that a capital partner should provide more than simply financing – they must also share in our client’s long-term strategic goals for investment and be a good fit culturally and inter-personally.

We raise private equity from high-quality institutional investors, as well as ultrahigh-net worth and high-net-worth investors, for private and public real estate operating companies and significant projects. We have a long track record of understanding the operating strategies and real estate opportunities of our clients, and effectively communicating those stories to prospective investor partners. Our experience allows us to execute a tailored marketing strategy to an appropriate group of investors on behalf of each client.

The firm’s partner has a detailed knowledge of the private institutional investor market through relationships formed over more than 25 years.  These relationships, together with a quality reputation and a robust multi-transaction pipeline, contribute to our highly accurate market intelligence and have allowed us to establish a level of trust with the largest and most sophisticated sources of real estate capital in the United States and abroad.

Silver Portal Capital

  • Joint Venture Partnerships: $50-$250 Million in Equity (Multi-year / Multi-asset)
  • Individual Projects: $10-$15+ Million Equity
  • Entity/Platform-Level: $10+ Million Equity
Private Equity Raising