Merchant Banking

Silver Portal Capital actively pursues opportunities to invest alongside proven management teams of growing real estate companies. In keeping with the firm’s strategy, we are interested in companies that have significant expansion plans and strong operating strategies, illustrating those characteristics described on the right.

Our goal is to identify those situations where we can add value over and above the dollars invested or raised. We have significant background in advising on business strategy, formulating marketing plans, negotiating/structuring at all levels of the capital stack, and are active members of both public and private company boards. We believe this depth of experience aids our clients substantially in achieving long-term success.

Over time, we will strategically expand the firm’s traditional principal activities within the real estate sector to include targeted private investment funds.

Silver Portal Capital

  • Deep Management Team
  • Proven Track Record
  • Strategic, Well-Positioned Business Plan
  • Significant Appreciation Potential
  • Competitive Market Advantage
  • Viable Liquidity Strategy
Merchant Banking