Transaction Portal

The senior partner at Silver Portal has completed over 140 transactions advising on and raising more than $20 billion in equity for public and private real estate owners, operators, and developers in all sectors of the real estate economy. We focus on raising equity because it is typically the most difficult component of the capital structure to find, and its cost and terms determine the success of our clients’ opportunity.  Capital is provided in joint venture partnerships, at the entity level, and for significant individual projects.

We work closely with senior management to determine the optimal capital strategy to facilitate their growth plan. For each client we establish a tailored financial structure and marketing plan, which is presented to a focused group of investors with whom we have long-standing relationships.

Silver Portal Capital

  • $20 Billion in over 140 Transactions
  • Owners, Operators, and Developers
  • Core and Non-core Asset Types
  • Long-Standing Investor Relationships
Transaction Portal