One of the most powerful attributes of real estate as an investable asset class is its flexibility. With the right direction and the optimal structure/strategy, properties can be used to achieve any number of results on behalf of investors, including the generation of durable income; income + alpha or pure alpha. In addition, tax-advantage strategies can be employed to defer capital gains indefinitely and create highly attractive sustainable income streams and sheltered investment returns.

Silver Portal strives to bring innovative ideas, creative solutions and an in-depth knowledge of real estate to each of our client relationships. As such, we provide educational materials like those below that describe in greater detail selected tax-advantaged and/or investment strategies which we believe you will find instructive.
What is a 1031 Exchange and how are Delaware Statutory Trusts (DSTs) and Direct Investments a customizable solution for high net worth clients seeking tax-advantaged investment alternatives?
What does an Outsourced Chief Investment Officer Platform look like and how did Silver Portal help a leading RIA/accounting firm launch their alternatives platform?