One of the key benefits of real estate as an asset class is its ability to act as a tax shield, sheltering realized capital gains – indefinitely in some cases – thereby generating more attractive income/returns on both a current and long-term, risk-adjusted basis. The partners at Silver Portal are knowledgeable in all aspects of tax-advantaged real estate and have extensive experience sourcing/underwriting 1031 Exchange investments for both direct assets and Delaware Statutory Trusts (DSTs). We have advised on and executed over $100 million of 1031 transactions, principally into DSTs.

Why Consider a 1031 Exchange?

Individuals can be hesitant to sell appreciated investment real estate, especially when facing substantial tax exposure, which can diminish the amount of money they have to re-invest by up to 40%. Our team can help advisors and their clients plan well in advance of a property sale or act quickly in the case of an imminent closing to:
Re-invest sale proceeds
Shield them from taxes
Achieve geographic and/or asset class diversification
Generate attractive, durable current income

1031 Exchange process overview

A 1031 Exchange is a well-established process that allows an investor to sell property, place the sale proceeds with a Qualified Intermediary (QI), and re-invest proceeds into a single property or a portfolio within a 180-day period.
Our Process
If we conclude that a 1031 Exchange is the optimal path for your client, we will then determine if a Delaware Statutory Trust or Direct Investment best fits their specific investment goals.

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For a more comprehensive discussion of the 1031 Exchange process and DSTs, please see the education materials in our Resources section.