In addition to DSTs, Silver Portal’s team also helps advisors and their clients identify, underwrite and acquire specific direct real estate assets that can be owned through a 1031 Exchange. We have deep relationships with real estate operators nationwide in every asset class and can help clients acquire assets in an off-market or lightly-marketed scenario, which minimizes execution risk and allows better control over pricing.

Direct Investment Property Types

An individual’s ability to acquire real estate is dependent upon their experience, sophistication and investment capital, which is why Silver Portal always works hand-in-hand with advisors and their clients to identify, underwrite and acquire the specific asset(s) that meet a client’s unique needs.

Consistent with our overarching investment philosophy, we identify property types with underlying demographic drivers that we expect to perform both in and out of economic cycle, principally: credit tenant net lease, self-storage and multifamily.

Benefits of Direct Investments

Direct Real Estate Ownership
  • Hand-select the exact asset in the exact market
  • Negotiate purchase price
  • Create value-added improvement plan and maximize operational efficiencies
Total Control Over Major Decisions
  • Active management – investor can manage property themselves or hire a third party
  • Investor has complete discretion over when to exit/sell the property
  • Can re-invest proceeds tax free through a 1031 Exchange into another direct investment or a DST
Manage Leverage
  • Conservative overall investment portfolio leverage; non-recourse where possible
Generate Attractive Returns
  • Durable current income (5.0-6.0%+ annually) and/or appreciation.
  • Monthly distribution checks for 100% of the current income are sent directly to the investor.
Facilitate Estate Planning
  • Provide flexibility for short- and long-term financial goals, including a step up in basis.

For a more comprehensive discussion of the 1031 Exchange process and Direct Investments, please see the education materials in our Resources section.