Go To Market

At Silver Portal Capital, we successfully position private real estate companies to attract growth capital from their own investor relationships without hiring a placement agent to do so.

We understand that the capital raising process is as complex as it is critical. Questions surrounding the right investors, process, materials, structure and timing change with the market and are unique to each individual company and the goals of its management team. Planning for a successful raise requires a deep understanding of the private capital markets, the characteristics of each property type, structuring options and a real time knowledge of investors – institutional and accredited/HNW.

Our track record ensures our clients that we will provide them with comprehensive advice for every step of the capital raising process. We anticipate, rather than react, to potential issues – including: investor perception about a particular property type; sensitivity to certain terms/structures; and risk/return expectations. Addressing these and other issues before going to market is often the difference between a successful and unsuccessful raise.

Importantly, we believe that investors should be more than simply providers of capital. They must also share management’s vision for the strategy being financed and how it fits into the growth of the company as a whole. Only then will the interest of management and investor be aligned from the outset and the potential for success maximized.

We work hand-in-hand with our client through each step of the process to prepare them to raise capital, including:
Identifying strategic objectives and evaluating the optimal capital raising strategy
Structuring (JV vs. Fund / Institutional vs. HNW investors)
Crafting the story (real estate property type and strategy)
Creating financial model / financial analysis
Positioning the company / platform and management team
Developing FAQs (anticipating investor questions / concerns)
Developing the primary structuring elements of the offering: timing, control, fees, return profile and target investor(s)
Preparing for investor meetings
Drafting marketing documents (an interactive process with management and legal counsel)
Recommending counsel (if necessary)